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The media are a vital part of public relations, providing important routes through which to connect and engage interactively with customers, public opinion influencers, stakeholders and the public at large. Media Wise can support your overall media outreach efforts, in the mainstream, social, trade and financial media.

Our activities centre on ‘own’ and ‘earned’ media. In other words, news about your own activities and news created by independent writers and journalists, who consider your stories interesting enough to publish. 


  • Developing media and social media strategies for internal and external audiences
  • Content and concept creation for media channels
  • Matching social media channels with specific target audiences
  • Defining the right tone of voice for each channel
  • Developing and deploying employee engagement strategies through social media
  • Drafting and distributing press releases, with adaptations for social media channels
  • Personal and regular contact with your media target audiences
  • Events

See examples of publicity generated by Media Wise in our news.

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