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Issues management

Forearmed is forewarned

Every company or organisation needs a robust business continuity plan designed to ensure their survival through natural disasters, pandemics, economic crises, cyber attacks and other risk scenarios. What should be communicated in such situations? And what about emerging issues, such as flaws discovered in products, services or in management conduct?

The task of ensuring that all business risks are fully anticipated and covered by appropriate, prepared statements, is usually entrusted to the communications team, the gatekeepers of corporate reputation. 

Media Wise can help you be prepared. We can help you draft answers to difficult situations that arise so that you are prepared to respond to all risks, big and small, meaning that issues remain just issues. We offer a comprehensive review of existing risks and can help you update and expand your current repertoire of Q&As and talking points. We can also help you prepare fact sheets and Q&As for specific products or services.  


Crisis Communications Training

Preparation is the key to success

At the frontline of any well-managed crisis stands a safe spokesperson who has practised and prepared and is tried, tested and trusted. The highest risk situations are best handled by the leadership team. Lesser crises and issues are more often handled by product and account managers. The communications team plays a key role at the interface between external and internal queries. Are your crisis team members up to the task?

Our advanced media training and crisis management sessions  build the skills and confidence needed to handle any crisis well. We offer a realistic simulations of potential crisis situations,  allowing participants to formulate  appropriate communications responses, and to fine-tune and test their spoken performance. The session(s) can thus be used as a testing ground for existing or potential official spokespersons. It also offers an interactive way of ensuring alignment on messaging related to a product or service.

The Programme:
Usually we build each session around one issue or crisis that unfolds in stages. The participants will deliver statements by phone, on camera and in writing, and the session will culminate in a mock media conference or interview. In the course of the session, participants will:

  • Rehearse key messages needed in all media situations
  • Learn appropriate response to various stages of a real potential crisis
  • Anticipate questions likely to be asked in a crisis situation
  • Learn how to behave in a crisis interview
  • Build control in handling questions they cannot or do not want to answer
  • Handle an ambush interview

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