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In March, Media Wise helped to get media publicity for a new wealth management company called OXBY, which launched on March 5. OXBY is an initiative of the traditional Amsterdam-based Wealth Management company Velthuyse & Mulder, which offers personalised asset management at a low price. In contrast to the large minimum inlays required by banks, at OXBY you can open a fund management account with only EUR 15,000. OXBY offers three risk profiles – high, medium and low – depending on your risk appetite. OXBY then applies that to investing in trackers that follow a combination of government bonds and a broad range of European blue-chip shares and bonds, using a  Momentum Strategy it has developed. This strategy aims to maximise the upside and minimise the downside by weighting asset allocation to the most promising sectors. When warning signals sound, the model triggers a switch from share trackers to safer European government bond trackers.  When upside reappears on the horizon, the model triggers share purchases. If at anytime clients want to take over, with one click they can switch to do-it-yourself investing through partner Binck Bank. OXBY’s fund management services are cheaper than the traditional banks. The firm aims to be as transparent and user-friendly as possible.  Click here for media coverage facilitated by Media Wise.

Beware! Investing is not the same as saving. Securities price declines can erode your capital.