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Media Wise has just wrapped up another successful PR campaign. The BBC Young Writers and Public Speaking Awards 2010, which took place in April this year, received overwhelming media attention, achieving over 160 hits in the media. And it wasn’t just traditional media that picked up on the news: the students competing for the accolade were featured in three television and five radio broadcasts as well a variety of online outlets.

One of the many highlights of the campaign included a feature on prime time Radio 1 programme Lunch!, and news of the awards made it to the front page of the popular youth newspaper SevenDays.

The campaign achieved great results throughout the Netherlands with 11 out of the 12 regions covering the news. The media chose to focus on the positive human interest angle of the BBC Awards story, looking at the impressive skill young Dutch students have in being able to communicate in English so eloquently. This resulted in 100% positive tone of coverage.