Media Wise Managing Director Emma Robson moderated a discussion on the topic of using social media to make – and save – money. The event was organised by the Harvard Business School Club of the Netherlands and took place at the global headquarters of the social media company Hyves, in Amsterdam. With 11 million members, Hyves is the Netherlands” largest social media network. Bert-Jan ten Kate, head of monetization and business development, said the company’s campaigns are a fast and powerful route to large-scale publicity. Among Hyves’ biggest successes was a campaign to boost the number of organ donors in the Netherlands. The campaign, launched in 2010, brought in no fewer than 25,000 new organ donors in the space of a few months. The campaign, which ran on the Hyves site, was on behalf of the Dutch Transplantation Foundation.  It reached out to Hyves members and asked them through a  personal widget whether they would save the life of a loved one by donating an organ.